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Appointment In Esfahan
« on: January 24, 2012, 05:09:52 AM »
Now this is a rare one indeed.  Italo-Iranian co-produced eurospy set in Iran, concerning the search for a stolen microfilm.  The microfilm contains a map to the location of some newly discovered oil deposits in the desert.  Even though it's suppose to be a co-production, the only Italian element I can reconise here is Piero Umiliani's spy music, that's borrowed from Man On a Spying Trapeze.  It's directed by Tony Zarindast and stars legendary Iranian actor Behrouz Vossoughi.

It was quite a task searching out, finding and putting it all together.  The video came from a German vhs tape I picked up online, and the English audio was sent to me by a Dutch tape collector.

Unfortunatley the movie is not an A list eurospy by any stretch.  Quite frankly, it looks and feels like a comic book.  The characters are paper made disposables with no depth whatsoever.  I know, this is suppose to be eurospy, but they do exaggerate a little here.  However, the film's fast-paced action narrative make it endurable viewing.  Our hero is constantly on the run from the bad guys.  With plenty of chases, punch-ups and near escapes, there's no time for characters to even speak a few lines.  It also provides a look at some very nice looking locations in Iran that are rarely seen by western movie viewers.   I mean, how many Iranian eurospy movies have you seen recently.

For a preview, see my fan made trailer here:

English audio only.

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